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One year old and counting!


The courtoftherose  community is turning one year old today and I'd just like to seize this occasion to thank everyone for making this rp happen, for staying aboard and for everyone's contribution with your writing and creativity! You guys are all awesome!! Long live the Court!

Rules Update

Just a little heads-up:

A new rule has been added to the community rules that states all players must join the OOC community.


First post

Hello and welcome to the Court Of The Rose OOC(out of character) comm. Plotting, advice, information, questions and answers, please feel free to post about these here. All new members are required to introduce themselves here. Everyone is encouraged to comment and participate! To ensure all things run smoothly, here are 4 golden rules of this community: 

OOC RulesCollapse )

Make friends! Socialize! This is a community for YOU!

So, come in, sit back, relax and scheme away.